Do you offer makerspace memberships?2020-09-15T18:11:20-07:00

At this time Fablab Nonprofit does not have memberships available for the makerspace.  Students have the option of adding equipment rental time to their classes.  Please contact Yvette@fablab.com for inquiries.

Can Fablab come to our event?2020-09-15T18:08:58-07:00

Yes! Fablab attends Makerfairs, Science Fairs, and STEAM-related events.  Please contact Yvette@fablab.com for inquiries.

Do you have other scholarships available?2020-09-15T18:08:11-07:00

Fablab has a limited number of scholarships available for participants who do not live in Tacoma.

What are Tacoma Creates Scholarships?2020-09-15T18:07:54-07:00

Tacoma Creates Scholarships are grant funded through the Tacoma Creates initiative passed by voters of the City of Tacoma to increase access to arts and sciences. These scholarships are available to City of Tacoma residents.

Are camps offered during the school year?2020-09-15T18:07:39-07:00

Yes, camps are offered during school breaks and as weekend workshops throughout the year.

Can children attend adult classes?2020-09-15T18:07:21-07:00

Depending on age, children may be able to participate in adult classes.  Please connect with Yvette@fablab.com  to discuss possible options.

Can I take a tour of Fablab?2020-09-15T18:06:56-07:00

Fablab is open for tours during business hours. Feel free to stop by and see our facilities!

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